Basic test method of melt indexer

- May 29, 2019-

Basic test method of melt index meter:

1. A method

Method A is A very simple method, and the calculation formula is as follows:

MFR (g/10min) = M 600/T

Where T= collection time (s) and M= quality of collected materials (g).

2. The B method

Unlike method A, which measures the mass of extrusions based on time, method B measures the flow characteristics based on the volume displacement of polymer melt. This method does not require cutting and weighing of extrusions.The calculation formula is as follows:

MVRρ = MFR =πR²Lρ600/ T

R= piston radius (cm),

T= the time (s) required to extrude the polymer with length of L,

L= length (mm),

ρ = apparent density of melt (g/cm  3).

3. A/B method

The A/B method is the collection of methods A and B to measure the same material -- the apparent density of melt (p) is measured by the melt flow rate obtained from method A while ensuring the same results are obtained with method B.The value of this test is to obtain effective apparent density of melt. This result can be used to obtain test results of method A through the formula of method B (without manual cutting or weight) (operator must use manual cutting or weight).

The calculation formula is as follows:

MFR (B method) = πR²Lρ600/tB

MFR(method A) = M 600/tA

R= piston radius (cm),

TB = time (s) required for method B to move the distance L,

TA = interval time (s) of each cutting material in method A,

L= method B indicates length (mm),

M=Quality of materials collected by method A in tA time(g)

ρ = MtB(apparent density, g/cm ^ 3).