Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine

Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine

Widely used in the determination of black metal, nonferrous metals, non-metallic materials of rockwell hardness.

Product Details

Model overview

HRS - 150 rockwell hardness testing machine is high precision, stable performance of high-tech products, the interface menu, the operation is simple, intuitive, convenient, measurement device using grating sensor and computer control, hardness value Is displayed on the LCD panel, mechanical and electrical integration of hardness test instrument.

Product features

The body part of the product is molded by casting process and has been treated for a long time.Compared with the jigging process, the long-term use of the shape variable is very small, and can be effectively adapted to various harsh environments;

Automobile pearl paint, high quality paint, strong resistance to scratches, used for many years still bright as new;

The core parts are fully CNC machine parts, and the precision and stability of the machine are greatly improved.

Intelligent digital display rockwell hardness tester, besides load selection, realized automation;

By controlling the loading, loading and unloading of the test force through the motor, the manual operation error of manual rockwell hardness tester is eliminated.

LCD display interface can display and set the current test scale, test force, test pressure head, guarantee time, hardness conversion value type, etc.

The built-in test software can compensate the machine with + / -3hr, so that the adjustment of the micro-deviation can not be used to open the machine cover for mechanical adjustment, which reduces the cost of service and after-sales service.

It can be automatically converted to the hardness value of other ruler according to the measured rockwell hardness value, and no longer need to waste time and energy to query the tedious hardness comparison table;

Built-in printer to read relevant test results.Automatic operation is realized to eliminate manual operation and reading error.

Range of application

Widely used in the determination of black metal, nonferrous metals, non-metallic materials of rockwell hardness.It is mainly used for the measurement of rockwell hardness of heat treatment materials such as quenching and tempering.Such as hard alloy, carburized steel, hardened steel, surface hardened steel, hard cast steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, malleable cast, mild steel, tempered steel, annealed steel, bearing and other materials.

Main technical parameters

Measurement range: 20-92hra, 20-110hrb, 20-72hrc;

Test force: 588.4, 980.7, 1471N (60, 100, 150kgf);

Maximum height: 200mm;

Pressure head center to machine wall distance: 135mm;

Hardness resolution: 0.1HR;

Dimensions: 510*290*730mm;

Weight: 75 kg

Accessory box standard

Platform, platform, V table: 1 each;

Diamond taper head, 1/16 "steel ball head: each one;

Standard rockwell hardness block: 5 pieces.

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