Vertical Flame Test Chamber

Vertical flame test chamber is used to simulate the early fire around the environment of electronic and electrical products. The risk of fire is evaluated by simulation technology.

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Vertical flame test chamber is used to simulate the early fire around the environment of electronic and electrical products. The risk of fire is evaluated by simulation technology. When the fire around the product is on fire, it should be ensured that it does not cause combustion spread.The test equipment is suitable for electrical and electronic products of household electrical components, parts and components, such as: household electrical insulation shell, switch panel, printed circuit board and insulation materials.Designed to test the flammability of equipment and appliance component materials, a wide range of test indicators for end-use such as flammability, combustion rate, flame spread, combustion intensity and flame retardant properties of products can be tested.High degree of automation, accurate test data, we are high requirements for users to launch a relatively new tester.


Technical Specifications

1. Box size: 1000mmX650mmX1150mm;

2. The test chamber is 0.5m, ensuring sufficient air supply for the test;

3. Cabinet baking paint treatment;Internal black paint (standard requirements) corrosion resistance;

4. The test instrument is composed of the test part and the control part and is designed in an integrated way to facilitate on-site installation and debugging.

5. Glass observation window, beautiful and elegant;Easy to observe sample combustion state;

6. Advanced industrial appearance design, considering ergonomic design for test operation, easy to reach the sample, burner pull rod design, easy to operate;

7. The fixture is integrated design of horizontal and vertical combustion;Easy to operate;Save space;

8. 304 stainless steel flame height scale;


 Blowtorch and gas control

1. Burner Angle can be adjusted conveniently at 0, 20, 45 and 90 degrees;

2. Bunsen burner, tube length 100mm ±10mm, inner diameter 9.5mm± 0.3mm;Completely comply with the requirements of GB5169.16 horizontal and vertical blowtorch;

3. The torch can adjust the air intake;

4. The flowmeter accurately controls the flow of combustion gas

5. U-tube differential pressure gauge;

6. Accurately control the flame height of 20mm 2mm;The flame is adjustable.


Automatic Control System

1. The intelligent instrument displays the time, counting, burning time, residual flame time, residual burning time, etc.

2. Pulse high voltage electronic automatic ignition.

3. No hand stopwatch or manuscript timing;Test time system automatically records

4. The top is equipped with smoke exhaust fan device. Exhaust gas generated by combustion will be discharged after the test;Note: the customer is equipped with smoke pipe and gas.


Electrical Instructions

1. Voltage 220V, 50/60hz;

2. The socket shall be equipped with a grounding port;

3. Methane or propane gas or gas;Customer provided;


Digital display of time, convenient observation and recording, stable and reliable use.The gas source of the test flame is gas or liquefied petroleum gas (it is recommended to choose the gas with better temperament if possible).

Burner for ¢9.5 ± 0.5 mm, inner diameter is about 100 mm long, with air conditioning holes.The flame height can be adjusted easily from 20mm to 175mm according to the standard requirements

Flame application time and holding time can be adjusted in the range of 0 ~ 99 minutes and 99 seconds.Automatic control of test process.

Count: 0001-9999 * 100

Flame time: 0000-99H99S adjustable

Flame time: 0000-99h99s adjustable

Yu burning time: 0000-99h99s adjustable

Box volume: 0.5m3


Standard: gb2408-2008,GB5169.16-2008, IEC60695-11-2003. UL94


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