UL1581 Horizontal Vertical Combustion Tester

UL1581 Horizontal Vertical Combustion Tester

UL1581 Horizontal vertical combustion tester The entire test was conducted in a sealed laboratory with a volume of 4.32 cubic meters. Test method: adjust the height of the flame, put the top of the flame under the specimen, burn for 15 seconds, extinguish for 15 seconds, check the burning...

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ul1581 horizontal vertical combustion tester

The entire test was conducted in a sealed laboratory with a volume of 4.32 cubic meters.

Test method: adjust the height of the flame, put the top of the flame under the specimen, burn for 15 seconds, extinguish for 15 seconds, check the burning situation of the specimen after repeated 5 times, the combustion, extinguishing time and the number of repetitions can be set, and the operation can be automatic.UL1581, UL13, UL444, UL1655 vw-1 and CSA ft-1 and ft-2.

Main reference standards: this test device meets the requirements of ul1581-2001, section 1060 (vertical combustion and FT1 test), section 1080 (vw-1 combustion test), section 1090 (horizontal combustion test for electrical wires) and section 1100 (horizontal sample /FT2 combustion test).

Ii. Test chamber:

(1) the test box adopts aluminum alloy frame + electrolytic plate electrostatic spraying, with beautiful appearance, anti-rust and anti-corrosion characteristics

(2) the top of the box is equipped with a powerful exhaust and smoke extraction system. Upon completion of the test, the system and the air supply system are opened at the same time to discharge the exhaust gas to the outdoor;During the test, the system was in a closed state.

(3) the rear side of the box is provided with air supply door.At the completion of the test, when the exhaust system is opened, air will be sent to the box. During the test, this closure shall be closed.

(4) the front of the box is provided with an observation window of tempered glass that can be sealed during the test to facilitate the observation of the test.

(5) a hole is opened under the glass observation window to extend the hand and arm to the test box for operation. This hole is equipped with sealed gloves, and the operator USES the sealed gloves to operate the combustion torch.

(6) test chamber size specification: effective space 2.4m(length)*1m(width)*1.8m(height), volume: 4.32m3.Overall dimensions 2.4m(length)*1m(width)*2.5m(height).

Iii. Temperature measuring system

(1) thermal sensor (copper conductor and thermocouple) - the conductor shall be of high conductivity electrolytic copper.Length of 19.14 + / - 0.02 mm

(2) k-type thermocouple with stainless steel tube of 0.5mm diameter as jacket.

(3) digital display Taiwan taishi temperature meter and the United Kingdom imported k-type thermocouple match.Reading is greater than 1000 ℃.

(4) the whole test system is movable, which shall be placed in the test chamber for temperature measurement.

(5) equipped with an electronic stopwatch: accurate to 0.1s (in case of temperature calibration)

Iv. Test device and test fixture:

(1) main fixture: test bracket and burner

(2) test bracket: made of stainless steel, which can be divided into horizontal bracket and vertical bracket, i.e. FT1, FT2,

Vw-1 in three specifications.The plane where the vertical bracket and blowtorch are located is parallel to the plane of the observation window, which is convenient for observation and operation.

(3) burner (designated burner by UL1581) : it meets the requirements of ASTM D 5025-99. The standard power is 500W vertical burner and 225W horizontal burner. The diameter of the burner is 0.90 0.03mm.Torch Angle: horizontal is 90 degrees, vertical to 20 degrees (longitudinal axis in a vertical plane and vertical direction of 20 ° Angle)

(4) wedge frame: add the wedge, the torch shall be installed on the wedge, and can be easily moved, and can be accurately moved back to the specified position.

(5) equipped with a set of rulers that can measure the inner and outer flame of horizontal and vertical combustion.

(6) a steel ruler with an accuracy from 500mm to 1mm is provided for test purposes.

V. flow control system:

(1) mainly includes: flow meter, pressure relief valve, back pressure pipe

(2) flow meter: the flow range is 1000ml/min

(3) combustion pressure-reducing valve: 1 to adjust gas flow to 10 LBS/cu.in

(4) back pressure pipe: water column height accuracy to 5mm or less

(5) back pressure liquid: red oil or green oil

Vi. Timing system and combustion times accumulative system

The test device provides three timing systems, namely combustion times, combustion timing, holding combustion timing and delayed combustion timing. The functions of the three timers are as follows:

Combustion timing: when the burning torch reaches the specified position, the flame spraying time will be automatically recorded (according to the specified setting, such as combustion for 15S). The tester will observe the set time. When the flame spraying time reaches the instant, the hand will quickly rotate the wedge frame to remove the torch.

Combustion timing: when the above combustion timing arrives, the timer will automatically time;If the sample flame is extinguished during a specified time (e.g., 15S after stopping the fire supply), a second combustion is carried out and the first combustion process is repeated.

Delay combustion timing: if it is not extinguished within the specified time in the previous step, another delay combustion timer shall be manually started. If it is extinguished within the specified delay time, the first step combustion test shall be repeated. If it is not extinguished within the specified time, the test failure shall be directly judged.Can automatically record the number of combustion, so as not to cause errors and the corresponding beeping alarm sound (optional).


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