UV Chamber

It can simulate the harm caused by sunlight, rain and dew to materials. UV USES the glittering and translucent ultraviolet lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight, and USES condensation moisture rain and dew.

Product Details

Use of uv chamber:
 UV aging testing machine can simulate the harm caused by sunlight, rain and dew on materials. UV USES fluorescent ultraviolet (UV) lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight exposure, and cold imitation of moisture rain and dew. The tested material was tested in a cycle of alternating light and moisture at a given temperature. UV testing over days or weeks can reproduce the damage that can occur outdoors for months to years. Types of hazards include: fading, discoloration, loss of light, powdering, cracking, turbidity, blistering, embrittlement, strength decay and oxidation.

Main functions of ultraviolet aging test box:
In the uv-accelerated aging machine, the fluorescent uv-lamps can reproduce the effects of sunlight, and the condensation and water spraying system can reproduce the effects of rain and dew.The temperature is controlled throughout the test cycle.A typical test cycle is usually the uv irradiation at high temperature and the relative humidity at 100% of the dark wet condensation cycle;Typical applications in paint, automotive industry, plastic products, wood products, glue, etc.

Ultraviolet aging test chamber meets the following standards:
ASTM G 153, ASTM G 154, ASTM D 4329, ASTM D 4799,
ASTM D 4587, SAE J 2020, ISO 4892

Application industry:
Widely used in paint ink paint, resin, plastic, printing packaging, aluminum profiles, adhesives, automobile and motorcycle industry, cosmetics, metals, electronics, electroplating, medicine and so on.




Inner size(W×H×D)cm


Out Size(W×H×D)cm


Temperature range


Humidity range


Temp control accuracy


Temperature uniformity

≤±2℃ / ≤±3%

Light source type

Original imported UV lamp tube (average service life is about 2000 hours)

Ultraviolet wavelength


Test time

0~999H adjustable

Inner out chamber material

Inner out material SUS#304

Heat system

U - type titanium alloy high - speed heating electric heat pipe

Protective device

When the lamp is on, once the door of the box is opened, the machine will automatically cut off the power supply of the lamp, and automatically enter the state of balance cooling

Security and protection

Over-temperature protection and water shortage protection.


AC220±5%V /50±0.

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