UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

uv accelerated weathering tester simulates the damage caused by the sun's ultraviolet light, and tests the weather resistance of the tested materials by exposing them to light at controlled high temperature.

Product Details

Equipment Usage:

uv accelerated weathering tester simulates the damage caused by the sun's ultraviolet light, and tests the weather resistance of the tested materials by exposing them to light at controlled high temperature.It uv lamp was used to simulate the radiation effect of sunshine, by condensation and water spray simulation dew or rain, just a few days or weeks, ultraviolet irradiation device can again now outdoor need several months or even years to happen damage, including fade, color changes, lose luster, pulverization, rupture, crack, wrinkle, blister, embrittlement, strength reduction, oxidation and so on, the test results can be used to choose new material and improve the existing materials, or estimate formula of change.

Technical Indicators:

volume and size:

studio size (mm) : 1140 400 390 (D width W depth H height)

outer box size (mm) : 1300 500 1470 (D width W depth H height)

irradiance control system (solar eye) :

irradiance range: 0.35 ~ 1.0w /m2 adjustable

extend lamp life

UV Lamp Parameters:

lamp tube model: uva-340 (315-400nm), uvb-313 (280-315nm), uvc-245 are optional. Eight lamps are required for this scheme.The standard configuration is 8 uva-340 lamps, 8 UVB313 lamps and 8 uvc-245 lamps.

tube brand: ATLAS original import, uvc-245 for domestic (life 1000 hours).

lamp center distance: 70mm

irradiation intensity: according to the set light intensity output, UVA340 is adjustable from 0.35 to 1.0W/m2, UVB313 is adjustable from 0.30 to 0.85W/m2, and UVC245 is adjustable from 4 to 11.0W/m2.

Temperature Index:

temperature range: adjustable temperature + 10 ~ 70 ℃

temperature fluctuation degree: plus or minus 0.5 ℃

the temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃

blackboard thermometer:

measuring range: 0 ~ 80 ℃

tolerance: + / - 3 ℃

Temperature control mode: PID self-tuning temperature control mode.

Technical Features:

Provide comprehensive and detailed real-time monitoring and curve recording for important test parameters such as irradiance, temperature and time (the controller has the function of paperless recorder), and generate reports and curve printing by computer.

Irradiation/condensation/water spray test can be conducted independently, or any combination of irradiation/condensation/water spray test can be programmed.

USES the Taiwan industry level 7 inch true color touch screen control system, has the good stability, the surveillance, the maneuverability and the maintenance.

Provide service life reference for imported ultraviolet lamp tubes with expensive materials (the lamp tube is consumable and its service life is about 1600 hours), which is convenient for users to confirm the replacement time of the lamp tube and save the use cost.The irradiance can be measured and controlled by the irradiance measuring and controlling device (solar eye), so that the irradiance can be stabilized automatically on the set value, and the service life of the lamp can be extended greatly.

Uses an automated water supply and drainage design, coupled with a high cost of high-power water mercury, to ensure water spray velocity and uniformity.

Most of the main components use big brands, a small number of domestic brands, improve the safety and reliability of the product.(see the attached list of major accessories for details.)

Installation and wiring of the electrical part of the equipment shall be performed in accordance with electrical standards.

Perfect professional after-sales service.

Meet The Standards:

GB/ t14552-2008 "national standards of the People's Republic of China -- plastics, paints and rubber materials for mechanical industry -- methods of test for artificial climate acceleration" a, fluorescent uv/condensation test methods.

GB/T16422.3-1997 GB/ t16585-96 correlation analysis method.

GB/ t16585-1996 "national standard of the People's Republic of China - test method for artificial weathering of vulcanized rubber (fluorescent uv lamp)".

GB/ t16422.3-1997 "methods of exposure to laboratory light sources in plastics" and other relevant standard terms design and manufacturing standards.

in accordance with test standards: ASTM D4329, ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507, etc.


If you face any problems in future during testing process we promise we will give you a reply within 48 hours and solution provide within 3 working days. We can offer operation video and English operation muanual. We can provide video-con.

Pre-Sales Service

*24-hour Online contact

*Choose the right model of the equipment according to customer's request

Middle Service

*Give the best offer

*Support customization

*Do customer's request

*Choose payment term you convenient.

*Promptly production and delivery inform you in time.

*Can provide invoice value as you like to decrease your tax

After Sale Service

*1 year warranty service and all life maintenance

*Provide Free information (1. Product Instruction 2. Product operation instruction/video 3. Experiment Test)

*Remote control technical consult

*Free installation DVD

*Maintenance plan

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