Accelerated Weathering Chamber

Accelerated Weathering Chamber

Studio size: W1140mm * h400mm * d500mm
Dimensions: W1300mm * h1400mm * d700mm
Distance from the lamp to the product: adjustable (no more than 450mm)

Product Details

The Main Function

Accelerated weathering chamber uses imported uva-340 fluorescent uv lamp as the light source, which can simulate the harm caused by sunshine, rain and dew.The UV weathering chamber simulates the effect of sunlight by using fluorescent ultraviolet lamps, and simulates dew by using condensation moisture.The tested material was placed in a cycle of alternating light and moisture at a certain temperature for testing, and the accelerated weatherability test was carried out to obtain the weatherability results of the material.UV box with a few days or weeks of time can reproduce outdoor months or years of harm.Hazards include: discoloration, discoloration, loss of light, powder light, cracking, turbidity, bubbles, brittle, strength, decay and oxidation.This machine contains spray device.

The uv accelerated aging test box can simulate the natural climate of ultraviolet, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, dark and other environmental conditions, through the reproduction of these conditions, combined into a cycle, and let it automatically complete the cycle times.This is how the uv aging chamber works.In this process, the equipment can monitor the temperature of blackboard and water tank automatically.The irradiance can be measured and controlled by the irradiance measurement and control device (optional), and the irradiance can be stabilized at 0.76w /m2/340nm or the specified setting value, and the service life of the lamp can be greatly extended.

Product Parameters

Studio size: W1140mm * h400mm * d500mm

Dimensions: W1300mm * h1400mm * d700mm

Distance from the lamp to the product: adjustable (no more than 450mm)

The closest parallel distance between the specimen and the lamp surface: about 100mm

Wavelength range: uv-a wavelength range of 315~400nm

Radiation intensity: 1.2w/m2/340nm

The temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃

Light temperature range: 50 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ / temperature tolerance of + / - 3 ℃

Condensation temperature range: 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ / temperature tolerance of + / - 3 ℃

The blackboard thermometer range: 30 ~ 80 ℃ / tolerance of + / - 1 ℃

Temperature control mode: PID self-tuning temperature control mode

Humidity range: about 45%~70%R.H(light state)/over 98% (condensation state)

Tank requirements: water depth is not more than 25mm, and has an automatic water supply controller

Standard specimen size: 1000 x 400mm

Suggested that the instrument use environment: 5 ~ 35 ℃, 40% ~ 85% r. H, 300 mm from the wall

Testing Standards:

ASTM G 153, ASTM G 154, ASTM D 4329, ASTM D 4799,ASTM D 4587, SAE

J2020, ISO 4892 all current uv-aging test standards.

Component Is Introduced

A.Light source:

The light source uses 8 imported ultraviolet fluorescent lamps with rated power of 40W as the light source.The ultraviolet ray fluorescent lamp tube, distributes in the machine

At the top.There are uva-340 and uvb-313 light sources for users to choose the configuration.

The luminous spectral energy of uva-340 lamps is mainly concentrated at the wavelength of 340nm.

The luminescence spectrum of uvb-313 tube is mainly concentrated near the wavelength of 313nm.

B.Electro-pneumatic control:

A. The blackboard temperature and condensation temperature are both controlled by the controller.

B. The rest are basically imported electronic components.

Irradiance uniformity: 4% (at sample surface)

Blackboard temperature monitoring: the standard pt-100 blackboard temperature sensor is used to precisely control the sample surface temperature during the testing process.

The board temperature setting range: BPT 40-75 ℃;

The board temperature control precision: plus or minus 0.5 ℃;

C. Temperature monitoring of the tank: during the cyclic test, there is a dark condensation process in the test section, which requires the internal energy of the tank

This produces a higher temperature of saturated water vapor, which condenses on the surface of the sample when it encounters a relatively cold surface


The water tank is located at the lower part of the cabinet, with built-in electric heater.

Tank temperature control range: 40 ~ 60 ℃

D. the test chamber is equipped with time control, ranging from 0 to 530H59M, and power failure memory function.

E. safety protection device:

Low water alarm in the sink to prevent the heater from burning empty.

C.Box materials:

All cases are made of SUS304# stainless steel

The shell adopts SUS304# stainless steel plate atomization treatment

The sample frame is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is convenient for sample access

D.Overview of the whole machine:

Size: about H1400mm * W1200mm * D 700mm

Weight: about 150 kg

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  4. Daily maintenance and maintenance of equipment.


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