Temperature Cycling Chamber

Temperature cycling Chamber reflects the heat resistance of materials by accelerating the aging process under the action of oxygen and heat.

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Temperature cycling Chamber reflects the heat resistance of materials by accelerating the aging process under the action of oxygen and heat.Oven aging test is a common method of heat resistance test. The temperature is determined according to the material requirements and experimental purposes.The upper limit of temperature can be determined according to relevant technical specifications. Generally, for thermoplastic materials, the temperature should be lower than their vicat softening point; for thermosetting materials, the temperature should be lower than their thermal deformation temperature; or, through exploration experiments, the temperature that does not cause sample decomposition or obvious deformation is selected.The samples were placed in a hot oven under selected conditions, and the changes in appearance and properties of the samples were periodically checked and tested, so as to evaluate the heat resistance of the samples.This method is commonly used in plastics and rubber and is also commonly used in heat resistance tests of information recording media.The main experimental methods are hot air exposure of plastics, vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber, hot air accelerated aging, heat resistance test and heat resistance test of paint film.

High and low temperature aging box temperature alternating cycle test box application

Application in semiconductor, precision ceramics, crystal plate, electronic components, inductance, coil, voice coil, magnetic components, micro motor, mobile phone, computer, communication equipment, printing and other industrial production fields.



Intelligent temperature controller, PID automatic temperature calculation, LED display, with SSRLSLRI output;

The inner box is made of SUS mirror stainless steel plate;

Special network design, uniform heating temperature;

Cabinet surface temperature is low, high temperature resistant silica gel pressing;



Temperature and humidity regulation: balance temperature and humidity regulation (BTHC) PID intelligent regulation

Temperature range: 0 ℃, - 20 ℃ and 40 ℃, 60 ℃, 70 ℃ ~ 150 ℃. 

Humidity range: 20%-98%R.H

Temperature and humidity control precision, ±0.2 ℃;± 2.5% RH

Temperature and humidity in the evenness, ± 0.2 ℃ to ±0.5 ℃ ~ +;P± 4.0% RH

Controller parsing accuracy:± 0.01% ℃;± 1% r.h.

The heating rate: acuity 3.5 ° C/min

Cooling rate: acuity 1.2 ° C/min

Inner box material: SUS#304 mirror stainless steel plate

Material of outer box: SUS#304 brushed stainless steel plate or rustproof cold-rolled steel plate (plastic spraying)

Insulation material: ultrafine glass wool + polyurethane foam

Refrigeration mode: mechanical binary refrigeration mode

Refrigerating machine: totally enclosed French taikang compressor (or semi-enclosed German grain wheel compressor)

Refrigerant: R23/ R404A

Condensation mode: air cooling or water cooling

Heater: ni-cr stainless tube heater

Humidifier: stainless steel humidifier

Blower: centrifugal fan

Airflow mode: wideband forced airflow circulation (top out, bottom in)

Operation interface: LCD touch screen, switching between Chinese and English

Operation mode: constant operation and program operation

Program memory capacity: 120 sets of programmable programs, maximum 100 (segments) for each program

Set index range: temperature: 100 ℃ + 300 ℃ humidity: 99.9% r.h.

Resolution: the temperature: 0.1 ℃ humidity: 0.1% r.h.

Input: PT100 or T thermocouple

Control mode: PID control

Communication function: rs-232 interface

Printing function: yokogawa 6-point recorder (optional)

Auxiliary functions: upper and lower alarm, self-diagnosis, alarm display (cause of failure), timing device (automatic startup and shutdown), phase sequence protection

Water supply: circulating water supply


LR-B001 33

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