Climatic Test Chamber

Climatic Test Chamber

Climatic test chamber is suitable for high-low temperature and humidity adaptability tests of electronic electricians, household appliances, automobiles, instruments and meters, electronic chemicals, parts, raw materials, coatings and coatings

Product Details


1. Climatic test chamber is suitable for high-low temperature and humidity adaptability tests of electronic electricians, household appliances, automobiles, instruments and meters, electronic chemicals, parts, raw materials, coatings and coatings;

2. Imported touch programmable temperature controller, Chinese liquid crystal display, with imported fully enclosed compressor;

3. Material of inner box: stainless steel grade 2B board;

4. Material of outer box: stainless steel mist surface line treatment or paint coating;

5. Insulation material: hard foam and glass wool;

6. Protection device: no fuse switch, compressor overload protection switch, refrigerant high voltage protection switch, over temperature protection switch; Ceramic fuse, water shortage protection switch, electromagnetic insurance switch, fault warning system, alarm;

7. Accessories: window 430*520mm, two pieces of adjustable partition board under the straight line, with a 50mm test hole, box lamp,485 online interface input terminal, a hidden front plastic water tank 20L1, beautiful back design.

8. Temperature fluctuations uniformity: plus or minus 1.5 ℃ s humidity distribution uniformity: plus or minus 3% High and low temperature alternating humidity and heat test box, constant temperature and humidity box, programmable constant temperature and humidity test box

Main Features:

1. Perfect modeling design: arc modeling and surface spray treatment, high texture appearance, and the use of flat no reaction handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

2. Bright, wide field of vision of the large observation window: the use of three layers of vacuum coating window and philips energy-saving fluorescent lamps, without wiper fog, keep clear observation effect, can observe the status of the test product at any time.

3. Separation of humidification system pipeline and control circuit: the humidification system pipeline is separated from the power supply, controller and circuit board, which can avoid affecting the circuit due to pipeline leakage and improve safety

4. Advanced and reliable refrigeration and control system: imported fully enclosed compressor from Europe and America, imported environment-friendly refrigerant, world-renowned refrigeration device, imported LCD touch screen controller, friendly interface, easy to learn.


Execution Standard:

Gb10589-89 high and low temperature test chamber technical conditions

Gb10586-93 wet heat test chamber technical conditions

Meet the standards:

Gb2423.1-89 low temperature test method

Gb2423.2-89 high temperature test method

Gb2423-93 test D6 alternating wet heat test method

Lec 68-2-30 test method D6


Conduct high-temperature, low-temperature, temperature, humidity and alternating damp-heat tests on components and materials of electricians, electronics, household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, chemicals and other products.










Work room   size








Temp range


Humidty   chamber


Temperature uniformity



Humidity   uniformity



Temperature control accuracy


Humidity   control accuracy


Heat time

T:-20℃~100℃ 35 minutes;F:-40℃~100℃,45   minuts;S:-70℃~100℃   60 minutes

Cool time

T:20℃~-20℃ 35 minutes;F:20℃~-40℃   55 minutes;S:20℃~-70℃   80minutes


Original Korean "TEMI" series imported LCD display touch temperature and humidity controller, single point and programmable control

Cool system

Air-cooled Europe and America original import fully enclosed compressor, environmental protection type of cold coal

Heating  and humidifying system

Heating: stainless steel fin heating tube heating mode;Humidification: stainless steel sleeve type electrothermal vapor generation

Material of inner and outer box

Inner box: SUS# 304 mirror stainless steel plate;Case: SUS# 304 stainless steel plate or baking varnish with mist finish

Thermal insulation layer

Polyurethane rigid foam + glass fiber cotton

Doorcase material

Double layer high and low temperature resistant silicone rubber sealing strip










Standard   configuration

Multilayer heating defrosting plus lighting glass Windows 1 set, 2 test rack、test hole (φ50mm)1pcs

Safety protection

Overtemperature, motor overheating, compressor overpressure, overload, overcurrent protection,heating and humidification, air burning, under phase inverses


1∮,AC220V±10%/30A AC380V±10%50±1Hz 

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