High Temperature Chamber

Use High temperature chamber can provide a stable testing space for pre-heating, drying, changes about physics and chemistry testing.

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High temperature chamber can provide a stable testing space for pre-heating, drying, changes about physics and chemistry testing .

It supplys precision temperature controllter with high stability of platinum resistance to temperature that makes temperature well-distribution. It is applicable to a variety of products, materials, electric, instruments, meters, components, electronics, electricians and automobiles, aviations, plastics, machinery, chemicals, foods, chemicals, hardware tools for doing drying test and various constant adaptive tests at an constant temperature condition.


1. The program of digital display temperature controller, LED digital display controller.

2. Special wheel type insulation porcelain frame, with high efficiency alloy electric hotline, saving the best performance.

3. A variety of special use handle door button, according to demand with all kinds of high temperature resistant insulation forced tight, can ensure that the door began to the best, good air tightness.

4. The use of demand with nitrogen gas flowmeter clean screen differential pressure gauge temperature  recorder programmable thermostat programmable timer external computer list machine, etc.

5. The appearance are of multiple coating paint fresh and beautiful structure design solid and durable.

Technical Specifications

1. Bladder size: height 200* width 600* depth 500 mm (single-layer bladder size);

2. Overall dimension: 1200* 940mm* 600mm;

3. Temperature range: room temperature ~ +150℃;

4. Temperature fluctuation degree: ±1℃;

5. Internal temperature difference: ±2℃ (no-load test);

6. Heating rate: ≥10℃/min;

7. Shell temperature: the temperature shall not exceed the environment +20℃, except for the perimeter of the door;

8. Circulating air mode: circulating air on the upper and lower sides of the left and right belt;

9. Power supply: three-phase five-wire system, 380V, 50HZ;

10. Heating power: 10KW;

11. Temperature display: choose intelligent dual-led digital display temperature control instrument, with P.I.D. automatic calculation and SSR solid-state relay output, more accurate temperature control.

12. Timer: oven keeps constant temperature automatically for timing, and the timing time is 999 minutes (the timing time is optional according to the process requirements)

13. Alarm: when the baking time is up, the sound and light alarm of the oven buzzer will remind you to stop heating and the fan will continue to operate to cool down.

14. Overtemperature alarm: after the failure of the oven temperature controller, the actual internal temperature exceeds the equipment temperature and reaches the overtemperature temperature, the oven will automatically cut off the heating power and beep the sound and light alarm to remind.

15. Oven protection: the oven is equipped with wrong (out of order) phase sequence protection, leakage (short circuit) power off protection, overtemperature protection, motor overcurrent protection, safety grounding.


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