3 Point Bending Test Machine

3 point bending test machine is suitable for testing the mechanical properties of metal, nonmetal and composite materials, such as tensile, compression, bending, shear, tearing and stripping.It can automatically detect the maximum strength value

Product Details


3 point bending test machine is suitable for glass, tablets, glass, crystal glass, touch glass, photovoltaic material such as glass for three-point bending, four-point bending and compression and tensile testing physical and mechanical properties of the static test analysis and study, can according to customer's product requirements according to GB, DIN, ISO, JIS, ASTM and other international standards for testing and provide data (such as JC/T 676-1997 glass material bending test method, BS EN 1288-3-20 00 buildings with glass. Glass) for determination of the bending strength.

Technical Specification

Test force: 5KN

Load sensor capacity: 0.5t (5KN) (load sensor with one or more other capacities can be added)

Accuracy level: 0.5

Test force measuring range: 0.4% ~ ***FS (full range)

Resolution of test force: ±1/300000 of the test force of ***, the whole process is undivided, and the resolution remains unchanged.

Force control: force control control speed range: 0.001% ~ 5% FS/s.

Force control speed control accuracy: 0.001% ~ 1% FS/s, ± 0.2%;At 1% ~ 5% FS/s, ±0.5

Force control retention accuracy: ± 0.002% FS.

Deformation control: deformation control speed range: 0.001% ~ 5% FS/s.

Deformation control speed control accuracy: 0.001% ~ 1% FS/s, ± 0.2%;At 1% ~ 5% FS/s, ± 0.5%.

Deformation control accuracy: ± 0.002% FS.

Displacement control: displacement control speed range: 0.0001 ~ 1000mm/min.

Displacement control speed control accuracy: ± 0.2%;

Accuracy of displacement control: no error.

Effective test width: 120mm, 360mm, 410mm three specifications

Effective stretching space: 800mm

Effective compression stroke: 800mm

Control system: microcomputer automatic control.

Single option: g/Kg/N/KN/Lb

Multi-duty protection: the system has over current, over voltage, under current, under voltage protection;The trip is protected by program control limit, limit and software limit.Emergency braking can be carried out in case of emergency.

Main machine structure: door type, novel structure, beautiful and generous, smooth operation

Power source: 220V 50Hz

Power: 0.4 Kw

Main machine weight: 95,130 Kg

External dimensions: 650*360*1600, 800*410*1600

 Test parameters: the tension stress tensile strength of compression stress compression strength, tensile strength and yield strength elongation of the shear stress and shear strength will stretch stress to determine stress and elongation stress strength tear strength arbitrary point force value arbitrary point elongation pull force bonding strength and peak value stress test bonding strength stripping force test (4) the average peel strength three bending test bending strength output puncture pull force testing elastic modulus (young's modulus) sag hardness unconstrained yield strength extension rate







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